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AluCore Poly Shutters superiority

The right window treatment for your window – choosing seems difficult but with experts at Gator Shutters by your side, the task is easy. We have tried to compare the shutters based on their form and functionality thus making it easy for you to make a choice.

There are different shutters available in the market, so let us start what and how to choose the one that is best for you.

AlyCore Poly Shutters – No one can match their form and functionality

Made from sturdy materials using the latest technology, AluCore Poly Shutters Orlando are UV resistant, hypoallergenic, waterproof, temperature stabilized and heat resistant. They feature aluminum core on the stiles and louvers thus lending strength and durability.

AluCore Poly Shutters win over Vinyl Shutters
Vinyl shutters are hollow and so do not offer the highest degree of sun blocking. Also, they offer far less insulation values than the AluCore Poly Shutters. Since, Vinyl Shutters are made from plastic and so longevity is always in question. Discoloration is another issue that vinyl shutters suffer from.

AluCore Poly Shutters Vs regular Poly Shutters
AluCore Poly Shutters come with reinforced aluminum core, so are quite sturdy and highly functional. Moreover, the louver width in regular Poly Shutters is 28 inches but with AluCore you enjoy unobstructed outside view as the louver width is up to 36 inches.

In regular Poly Shutters the construction normally uses glue whereas there are nuts and bolts in AluCore making it easy to replace in case of any breakdown.

So, AluCore Poly Shutters are a clear winner in all aspects – form and functionality. if there are more question to which you are looking for answers, well, walk into our showroom in Casselberry.

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